Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nursing Management of a Patient with Ovarian Cancer

Nursing Management of a Patient with Ovarian Cancer
H.S., a 57 year old female with a medical history of hypertension and chronic kidney disease, was diagnosed with a Stage IIIB clear cell carcinoma of the ovary and had surgery in April of 2007. When the patient began to have physical discomfort, an exploratory lapartomy was performed. A pelvic mass had developed post peritoneal chemotherapy. The patient had surgery to remove the intraperitoneal port, pelvic mass fluid drainage and pelvic biopsy. Often patients with cancer develop cachexia and should be assessed for adequate nutritional intake. Martin (2006) states that one of the greatest challenges for a woman with ovarian cancer is malnutrition: she may have little appetite as a result of treatment of advancing disease, causing


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