Sunday, January 2, 2011

5 Human Basic Needs

Man according to the Basic Needs Human Body Composition. Our bodies, based on its physical form composition, can be divided into 5 parts. If we’re listing from below to above the sequence are the 5 parts are: feet, genitals, abdomen, chest and head. In terms of medical or biological, may share the above not appropriate in accordance with their respective biological functions, but the authors proposed a new idea of human basic needs of 5 based on the division of the body structure into 5 sections, the authors interpret as security needs, sex, economic, spiritual and innovation, thus becomes more easily understood.
Not just from our side as a human being, in terms of interpersonal relationships in a social community, non-profit organizations profit, even to any state institution, in compliance to this Basic Human Needs, each function as individuals, organizations, companies and even countries in meet basic needs, can be understood more easily. Each of the previously mentioned requirements, as in humanistiknya Maslow’s psychological theory, the 5 basic needs must be met even in a linear fashion, like rungs in a pyramid structure, which must be climbed step-by-step.
But there are fundamental differences in Maslow’s theory with a new paradigm of the writer to say, namely that 5 Basic Human Needs in this new paradigm, all centered on the needs of number 3, namely economic needs. This economic needs must be met first (though not necessarily completely), before other needs, because the economy needs is like gasoline in cars. Without gasoline, the car will not be able to move. Similarly, people without food and drink, could not meet the needs of others.

  1. Safety Requirements (Safety Needs), the need for protection or safety against the danger of violence, after the economic needs, the relative (not necessarily completely) fulfilled.
  2. Needs Sex (Sex Needs), the sexual drive needs an outlet, for those who are mature biological functions. Fundamental error & fatal Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was the discussion focused psychology that all human KDM bersala of this sexual needs. We can not blame those of Freud’s view, if we can understand the social circumstances of his era, which was taboo to talk about sex. Freud’s view is rebellion to the people of his era.
  3. Economy Needs (Economical Needs) arising from a man born and died. Without fulfilling the primary requirement for this physical body, a human being could not meet the basic needs of others. These needs must be met before other needs. Food and beverage needs are basic needs, which became the center of human physical needs.
  4. Spiritual Needs (Spiritual Needs), the need for respect for self respect, status, attention and acceptance of others, which appears when the three previous requirements were met. Also the need for affiliation, friendship and giving and receiving love / appreciated by / of / by others in the social life of society. Although according to Maslow’s social needs & prestige rarely be satisfied, according to author-4 the need to subject humanity is started, the belief in the power of the more Essence of everything from him, real life goals are, and the object of education is supposed to do. In the history of the prophets and great men, although other needs has not met, but spiritual needs are met, so they can continue to survive his nation to educate people, even written in gold ink in human history. So, in addition to the human body needs based on the stomach, the spiritual needs of people based in the heart, the chest cavity.
  5. Needs Innovation (Innovation Needs) is the last requirement when the four other requirements above are met, which can encourage a person’s behavior can enhance the ability to work with the mind to optimize the function to innovate, one of the advantages provided specifically for the human creator. The authors point to the need of innovation is the need to optimize the function of reason to think, research and develop new knowledge to make it easier for him in an attempt to meet the basic needs of man. So R & D and technology, innovative technology, will not be able to run optimally, if the other 4 of the human needs are not met first.
In the course of history, the need for the 3 and 4 often were reduced (united) to just 1 level of demand, the economy needs it or just spiritual needs, which makes human life be entirely secular groups seeking false happiness in the world alone, or group becomes an expert zuhud with Sufism, clerical, and only the pursuit of happiness in akherat course. The best thing is that the group does not deny one of them, but those who can balance the needs of those 2, the stomach needs (economic, physical) and the need for liver


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