Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Become Registered Nurses and Enhance Your nursing career

Become Registered Nurses and Enhance Your nursing career. In order to get the best jobs in the registered nursing positions profession you have to be a registered-nurse. You can do so by obtaining a nursing diploma which takes 3 years or a bachelor's degree in nursing from a recognized school of nursing. The degree however takes 4 years to complete and can only be taken from a university that offers this course. The nursing diploma on the other hand is very popular and is usually the qualification most nurses seek since it can be acquired from a hospital.
The job of registered nursing positions is senior to that of licensed practical nurses or nursing assistant. A registered nurse is called upon to perform various tasks and these include not only the treating of patients but also attend to documenting the medical history of a patient, assist in the performance of tests, analyze results, offer advice and emotional support to the family members whenever necessary, assist in the performance of surgery, give saline and injections and hundreds of other work which needs many registered-nurses to carry out in a busy hospital.
While being employed as a registered nursing positions nurse can be very rewarding, it does have its drawbacks and any would be nurse must be quite sure that she is ready to face the enormous challenges she has ahead of her. A registered-nurses' life is definitely not a bed of roses and she will be called upon to make many sacrifices in her personal life to become a truly professional nurse.
Anyone who is employed as a registered nursing positions will have a plethora of career opportunities open to her and will never have to worry about job stability. Most registered nurses find themselves recruited to major hospitals that are always short of qualified nurses. Registered nurses are always better paid than their counterparts and can find themselves very lucratively employed soon after passing their diploma in nursing school.
Nurses who have gone through university and obtained their bachelor's degree are on an even better footing due to their training and qualifications which go much further than that of the diploma nursing certificate. Nurses with degrees can go into research or highly placed administrative positions with even more benefits. This is in view of the fact that the Bachelor's Degree course held in universities makes sure that the would be nurses are trained in leadership, communication, critical thinking etc. which makes them ideal candidates for administrative posts.
The diploma in nursing too has its advantages such as being able to apply to entry-level positions in nursing which will allow a nurse to work towards the bachelor's degree in nursing by taking advantage of the reimbursement benefits that are offered. However in view of the different rules and regulations in each state, its always better to carry out some research to find out if its necessary to get through a national licensing exam to become a registered nurse.
Having attained the highly desirable position of a registered nursing positions, if she finds that hospital work is not her calling, there are many other opportunities available as there enough and more vacancies for registered nurses to work in nursing facilities, government agencies, and employment services where the services of qualified nurses are always welcome.


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